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Generic Items that Work Great & Cost Less!


Hey Savvy Shoppers & Savers,

There are two types of people out there – the ones that love everything they own to be a designer label, and the ones that really don’t see the point and would rather go generic. Is there really any difference in a ‘brand name’ and a generic item? Is the quality really all that much different? Well, I guess the answer there would depend on the product. If you’re comparing a Honda and a Bentley – yes, there is a drastic difference. But if you’re comparing the grocery store brand hand soap and a high-end grocery store hand soap, then no, they are more than likely near identical. So, which products can you cut corners on?  Read on to find out…


Have you ever actually tried these bargain brands? They taste nearly the same and cost about a third of the price! Not to mention that they come in much larger quantities so you save even more. Ditch the high-end brands with the cute characters and catchy slogans. Save a few bucks on every box and your kids will never be the wiser.


Flour, sugar, salt, most spices, baking soda etc… they’re all the same and definitely don’t need a fancy label to get the job done. Besides, even if they did taste different (which they don’t) you wouldn’t notice it in your cookies and cakes anyways.


We need these products on a daily basis to keep our home and family clean, however, they come with a hefty price tag attached don’t they? Items like carpet cleaner, bathroom cleaner, hand soap, laundry soap, window spray and dishwasher soap are anywhere from $4 to $18 depending on the brand and size. These items are not only pricey but we tend to go through them quick – especially if you have a large family. Have you ever flipped over the bottles and looked at the ingredient list? Name brand labels and generic products have nearly all the same ingredients in the exact same order. There is little to no variance in these products yet the price points are so drastic. Why pay $4 for Windex when you can pay $2 for a generic item called ‘Window Sparkle’?


If you’re like me and can’t tell the difference – go generic. You’ll save on a variety of sodas and maybe find a new favorite. If you’re a die-hard Coca-Cola or Pepsi fan – well then there’s just no swaying your decision.


Canned tomatoes, corn, beans, peas, carrots – whatever it may be, they’re pretty much all the same. Why pay $2.60 per can when you can pay $1.40? Although it may not seem like a huge difference when you buy just one, it really adds up when you buy ten cans at a time on every trip. The only caution here is that some of the better brands package their veggies in water whereas the generic ones package in high fructose corn syrup. Make sure to check the ingredient list when you’re comparing.


All water needs to pass regulations, and truth be told, the drinking water that comes out of your tap is more regulated than the water in packaged bottles. Drinking the water out of the tap at your home or utilizing a Pur or Brita filter is a much more cost effective way to go. But, if you need to have bottled water for sports or travel – there is no difference in the generic brands and name brands other than the pretty packaging.


Prescription generics typically cost between 20-80% less than their brand name counterparts. In 2008, the average retail price of a brand name prescription was $137.90 as compared to the average generic prescription price of $35.22. Just think of all the things you could buy with that extra $100 bucks!


Did you know that all over the counter medications must be approved by the FDA? It’s true, and this includes everything from pain relievers and sleep aids to allergy and cold medications. There is no difference in the quality between name brand drugs and generic drugs. The only difference you’ll find here is the drastic price tag. You can save at least a few bucks on each medication, which over the course of a year really add up.


Batteries may claim to last longer than others but the difference is so minimal that it hardly makes it worth the inflated price tag. Buy generic here as well and save on every purchase. Remember to properly dispose of your batteries by recycling them.




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